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Shop B108, The Kerry Parkside,

No. 1378 Huamu Road, Pudong District



Phone: 189-3071-8532

finely pedigreed coffee

Not just another coffee shop.....

FRESH FRESH FRESH. Our freshly roasted beans, milk, homemade VALROHNA chocolate sauce, and hand squeezed lemonade. All fresh. Unlike other coffee companies, we do not import pre-roasted beans. We believe that coffee is at its best when its consumed within a few weeks of roasting.

最新鲜的食材 ! 我们选用新烘焙的咖啡豆,新的牛奶,自家熬制的巧克力VALROHNA巧克力),现挤柠檬汁。所有的食材都保证绝对的新。而且我们坚信,咖啡的最佳品期是在烘焙后的几周之内,所以COFFEE HOUNDS不进口事先在国外烘焙好的咖啡豆,以保每一杯咖啡都是新的。就是我的独到之

We are the first coffee shop in Shanghai to use BUNN’s new TRIFECTA brewer. Its single cup brewing method produces consistent, first rate coffee.

COFFEE HOUNDS是上海第一家采用BUNN 生TRIFECTA咖啡机来制作咖啡的。TRIFECTA是用一杯一杯的煮泡方法来制作咖啡的,而且TRIFECTA非常定,保每次您喝到的都是顶级品咖啡。

GOURMET AND RARE coffees. We offer a selection of single origin coffees as well as the renowned KOPI LUWAK


Trifecta Machine

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